Jus lie’

 “A French term referring to meat juice that has been lightly thickened with a either arrowroot or cornstarch. A similar term “au jus” meaning “with juice” describes the serving of meat, most often beef, with the natural juices that were produced while the meat was being cooked.” (www.epicurus.com)

‘Essence’ or the ‘Best’ at the bottom of the Pan’

Joie de vivre “Joy of living”

 I grew up on a farm and as a little girl my grandmother with whom I stayed introduced me to the world of food and creativity. I used to spend my days in her kitchen watching and learning. She gave me an entire wall to draw on in the pack house where all the workers were sorting and packing the vegetables and tobacco that my grandfather farmed with.

As an adult I became an Architect by profession, an occupation which I love, however felt the need to create things that weren’t dictated by a client’s brief. I wanted to create things that I loved and enjoyed doing.  I had lost the passion for drawing - after a long day at work I didn’t want to draw or design anything. Cooking brought me joy, but I wanted to get that kind of joy out of my everyday life. These things form such a big part of who I am, it is the stock that I am made of.

I created the brand Jus lie’ under which I would be able to create a vast range of products. Whether it be drawing, designing or within the food industry.

 Our brand aims to focus on all the good things in life. The goodness left in the bottom of the pan.

Jus lie’ Collection

Jus lie’ Collection is an artisan brand of table & Home linens that place and emphasis on the sensory joys of being in the kitchen & home. Our linens feature exquisite hand-drawn illustrations in ink that present beautifully on natural fabrics.

Jus lie’ Culinary Collection

The Culinary Collection will comprise of deli products amongst others. The products, packaging and design reflects my food philosophy, design, aesthetic principles and artwork.

The brand aims to give a fresh, light, healthy & modern take on the traditional South African culinary industry.

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